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About us

Ningxia LabsChem Co., Ltd. was established in March 2016. The company is located in Pingluo Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, a provincial chemical industry park in Ningxia. The production scope includes research and development, production and sales of chemical APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.
The totally planned investment in this company is about 120 million yuan. Meanwhile, a high-end API production base will be built in PingLuo medicine industrial park, combined with construction of multiple API production lines, complex building, office building, quality management and R&D building, master control room, and engineering building, still construction of integrated warehouse, class-A warehouse, sewage treatment station and other supporting public facilities. The annual sales revenue of the whole project will reach 300 million yuan after production.
The company will be in strict accordance with FDA of USA, GMP Standard of EU and China. A standard modern workshop and advanced API production line will be designed and built accordingly. We'll set up a perfect quality management system, strengthen the site safety and environmental management in order to ensure product quality and continuously improve quality management level, thus building this company into a modern high-end API production base.

Labs-Chem has very clear management idea: produce high-quality products; make efforts for industry development with innovation.

We hope to be not only a leading manufacturer of  APis+CDMO in the future, but also a trusted customer and social partner.