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Contract Process Development

help iconContract Process Development

At NingXia LabsChem Co.,Ltd (LabsChem), we apply our broad knowledge and long-term experience in process development of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes for our own substances as well as for our contract manufacturing clients. Our chemists are very experienced in the application and optimization of existing manufacturing processes, as well as in the development of new synthetic routes.

help iconKey Processes  in our Department

1:High-pressure catalytic hydrogenation in volumes from milliliters to 1500 liters

2:Flow Chemistry - development and scale up

3:Crystallization and product isolation processes - optimization of purity, increased yields and cost-effective formulation

4:Chiral Synthesis-Multi-step synthesis from a few milligrams up to metric tons

help iconPrimary Areas of Process Development

1:Proposal and design of perspective industrial synthetic routes
2:Process transfer from laboratory to pilot plant and commercial scale
3:Process optimization
4:Determination of critical process parameters
5:Identification, isolation and synthesis of process and potential impurities
7:Development of analytical methods
8:Investigation of physical and chemical properties of substances with respect to their future formulation into final dosage forms

9:Cost analysis and cost reduction as a part of the process life cycle management