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Contract Manufacturing

help iconContract Manufacturing

LabsChem can provide contract manufacturing services in GMP certified manufacturing units:

  • multipurpose full-scale modern unit for API production (batch sizes up to 300 kg)
  • multipurpose low volume unit (batch sizes up to 10 kg)

LabsChem also offers a full range of services in the development of industrial manufacturing processes, primarily for the production of APIs and intermediates.

Production facilities:

Glass reactor: 2000L*7,3000L*8,5600L*4

Stainless steel reactor: 3000L*3

Double cone rotating vacuum: 1000L*1

Vacuum oven: 20㎡*2

Centrifugal separator: S1000*4, S800*1

Distillation: 5

Reaction Condition:

Temp: -90~250℃; Pressure: 2mmhg~60atm

help iconCentral Control Room

Our pilot-plant production facility is equipped with a Siemens Distributed Control System (DCS) and Gas Detection System (GDS), and an ABB Safety Instrumented System (SIS) all hardwired to our Central Control Building to protect lives, and ensure safety, quality, and on-time delivery.